Tuesday, January 25, 2011

lines -

wrinkles to be exact... being a lady in her 23rd years ain't good.
this is really beyond what i felt when i were still having my short-tomboy-ish hair;
people comes and goes...
time flies like nobody business,
and noon will know what will be happen next!
even it goes the way you planned;
still, the percentage of things go wrong is there..
well, im a grown up yet don't wanna accept the fact;
being a student is much more easier...
burdensome life makes us sacrificed my hang-outs;
we couldn't stay up for 8hours at night like we use to...
is that a good sign? i doubt...
might be, on the other hand;
where we earn like an adult and never gonna bow down to get "sponsor",
still, there is a hundred of things i never get to do
before setting myself in this life-less hole...
weekend is where the only moment
we can sat&look at the sun =)

Happy Chinese New Year in advance !!

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