Saturday, December 01, 2007


What will u do when u're alone??watch books..mb mags..or hang out wit sum best fun when frens're around,but when dey're not..sure we'll feel do,im sumwer apart frm my family n da closest one is not around..what should i do?! will be juz a day for me.hehe.woke up in da empty room(is not empty actually..juz full of stuff q:) den start wit my laptop..untill i can't stand it for da whole mornin wit dis piece og technology!!..cos da one always makes me chill was not here(wat i mean is da one i lyk to kacau..he is not here,so i hav to shUt uP con't wit da junk)is not a prob aft all.i can find my thgs to do my task..(Urgh...)no choice for sure.who wanna do sumthg tht's bored when u're alone??take a rest,hav a break hav a kitkat.*oops..i had finished up last week Xp*,no break well do sum cleanin.for da past 2 mths i nv do any arranging for my books!oh god..luckyly i've not more books an easy job for me^^ 7The look aft cleanin..althogh not really neat,but i had did sumthg nice ti my room(it should be glad)finally is tym for me to EAT!i really glad.haha..den shoppin wit my b*itches(b*tches' fren foreveR)these're wat we shop.n these're mine..ALL MINE!!! (ahhahhhaahaha...) 8 these're da only stuff tht could accompany when i'm loney X) i shopped for my room too.a refreshener.makes it smell better..hoo~~tht's my day wit my did silly thg again..choose purse for myself.why we nit to hav choices??makes us difficult n fun...(wat the heck)i think tht's my boringness make me did stupid thought.n those are my victims 6 non-living pals..

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