Sunday, December 02, 2007

my day

As usual...unhappening mornin..with the laptop n chillin' drirk (chill mean cold,but mine jux 'sweat'.cos no fridge xx,) of course wit my cartoon again..
Luckyly i've a weddin lunch wit shamus.changed n wait for meal.wit an empty stomach...reached thr is tym for my stomach.wit da reandang ayam,nasi briyani,sayur campur n oren jus *malay's weddin surelah malay food* hehe..aft pengantin bersidang, we left wit a cute little paperbag wit bunga telur.
Then jalan-jalan wit his parents.auntie surelah wana enjoy her day.he pulak kacau...really can,t let ppl enjoy themself.sure must buat kacau..neway,tht is his job larh...half way shoppin in iKea,he pulak sit at the sofa lyk his own hse..(tht's wat he usually did) if nv let him sit sure disturb others lyk hell!!!
Today,eat too much d.first is malay food..den burger king..lastly thai food..Ohhooo...too full for stomach bcome buncit 'O'...sumhow,thx to him.makes my day full of food...hehe..lLyn.shirlyn

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