Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Today is my 'BFF' day..we went out to hav our year end movie-ENCHANTED.tht is a nice movie.n magical~(thr's no magic in da real world.rite..)aftat is our spree time!!!hehe.sales already,have to start 'collecting' stuff.we shopped until da mall close.surely get alot of collection tho..we bought sum shoes..bags..definatly sum pressie.Is season greeting evyone!!!Ozo fun n joy wit my bestties =)
Summer.with her newly scarf
2.Shing yee,with her baru sampai look :-P
Me,with my excited face ^^,
Tht is our fancy faces b4 we start our grabbing work.*wahaha...*i got a pair of moster's pets.dey're juz so LOVELY!bobo&pipi..ain't dey cute??...i hope i could own all of dem!Awh...

Aft a day of 'hardwork',i realised bein a man ain't easy.dey must been through a lot of obstacles n sufferin..sumhow,i believe happyly ever after is juz right here waiting...


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