Friday, March 28, 2008

just a day

It's fun to hang out with our own cousins.even though is not havoc,is great to have some quality time with those who're you closest.cause some of the people's not what you think of..when time pass by,it'll shows...
I had my dinner in the pasar malam.the one i've been looking for after stayed in PJ.I got my ice-cream which is rich with the flavor-asam & grapeThat's what my cousin did when she get her grape & orange ice-cream..
After the feast,we started the activity that human nowadays will do..wondering what're we going to do huh...This is it!!Lucy,the dog..we play her out the whole night..BITE!!Break for thirst...There she goes again :)
That was what she probably did when we were there.Poor little Lucy ma (MA is girl in Tamil)
There she is..tired after the whole night of chasing her little green stuff

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