Wednesday, April 02, 2008

yessing Nowing

April 1st, It had been 15 days since appa passed away...We had a prayers for him and it took 2 days.Auntie Ivy can handle her emotion lately while Vj koko and Atta had back to their trek too.I'm glad to see that :) This prayer brought us gathered together.It had been two years we never really sit down..gather and talk..this is the opportunity that we only have.
By the way,we met Appa's eldest brother and his wife who's from India.Both of them came here to attend the prayer and bring Appa's ashes back to India.They share the same face figure,just Appa's brother is shorter.His visit made us miss our beloved Appa more!
We had our prayer every two hours from 8p.m. till 2 in the morning.It's not tired for all of us except for the driver.The thing that makes them pity is the boys at the house have to follow the priest to collect Appa's ashes.
So,we took the time to cam wore!!!That's our big sista-Chendie stalking us..the guy beside is her lovely BalaMe and the Queen of her house,Cheby...Busy Queen-Cheby and cool chick-Kavy =PCutie kittenIndian candies from India-sweetest thing ever I tried!but it's tasty =)

April 2nd, Today is the 16th day,the 'buka' day for those who had been a vegetarian during these days.which included me...
Lastly,my lovely Auntie Ivy hugging the flowers that going to place beside the photo of her beloved husband...take care Auntie

So,my meal today is full of white meat!I had my fillet o fish burger before movie,fish and chips during movie...and finally sushi after movie :D

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