Friday, April 04, 2008

80% craze

The headache moment of mine start now!!! Argghhhh!!!!Time have to budget since today..No extra night been terminated..movies have to plan after everything done..sad larh =( Huh...What can i do... ... ...
These are the things that I'll be with for the WHOLE 1 MONTH!!
1. Assignment's resource - Business Marketing Strategy -'.'-
2. The Entertainment - CLEO!!!
3. The Inspiration - The GLOBE ILLUSTRATED Shakespeare The Complete Works ANNOTATED

The first thing that with be 'staying' with me is the reference book of marketing.hmmm...have to get the information on certain holds 1oo marks of my assessment!so,my marks are base on the 4000 words assignment
The second thing is the MAG!!my surviver =D without it,im totally lost @.@"" luckily bought it for emergency.hehe

Third,my fav for my entire life! World's most FAMOUS writer and poet...This has conclude His life-time art work.all of it,in a 2300 plus pages of thick book.His play really had inspired me.although i haven get to finish the first play.
From him,
Shall him inspire rather leave you no-more;
from me,
Shall his answer misery she, just reality.

To complete my task,i boot it with a pear...
Then continue my fight!!!

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