Saturday, April 05, 2008

my choice

I had started my work after getting some information.another head cram day!for the whole day,i just done for a small part of the assignment :( until when i can finish it?!Huoh... ... ... Today,i had work hard on my brain and i don't wana work my legs.hehe...

These is what i prepare yesterday*wink*even though somebody say it's not healthy,but it's convenient and OK for me (bcoz i'm lazy tho xP) i've eggs, mee, mayonnaise, biscuits, chewy gum and WATER!
Btw,it's because heavy rain outside.And cause me lazy to take a walk to the shop to have my meal...
Later night,i took my dinner in McD.unbelievable, we had a FRIES party there!YOHOO~~ it's not because we wanted,just we didn't aspect it would came out so much!*scary*after finish our main course-Ayam Goreng McD,our fries still stay like a little hill...we didn't finish it,but leave it there.Oh god!i felt guilty!'Evey 3.8 second,a child die from hunger!',he told me that.And i promised i'll not don't it again!

That's really not the meal i want.i really want to have my actual meal with meat, veges, soup and defiantly RICE!i miss that so so much!

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