Thursday, May 01, 2008

Labour Day~

The day before this, i were meeting my auntie in Jalan Ipoh.After that, been blackmailed by the daughter's bf who ask to stay overnight in the hotel*wawawa~*. anyhow, i can play with the auntie's son - Izzac :)luggage
Izzac Rodnegues
good pose!!zac...
don't play a fool huh...
last,but not lease...hehe

Then,we head up to Planet Hollywood!!!yuhoo~
The view for the night...great place...rock performers...AWESOME!!!

Today, auntie wanna go for,we went Pavilion.Waoh!!!she's so cool!For the whole day,she and her 2 daughters just shopped in Esprit.what a cool mum :) (my mum is cool tho) *wink*
Due to the unforeseen circumstance (the ATMs was packed by shoppers), i got myself a necklace...

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