Monday, May 05, 2008


Holidays coming...but, i still not finish my work!Uh no!...sad larh :'( anyhow,i know i'll be done it on worries larh*innocent smile* This kind of sad case only happen on me & summer...while other 'bitches' of mine are holidays...*wawawa* Somehow, we manage to do the same activity together.sooo happy...haha.guess what!!!we went shopping after this 6 months semester.
For the whole day we shopped.i think not the whole day,cause we started at 3pm till 10pm.After lunch,we shopped until tea break...Then,continue after that.What a day~ Happy shopping with RM200 average per person...(woah!!!business term~*haha*)
I owned :

cloths + accessories *bling*sandals~
Least,but not last (^^,)

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