Wednesday, June 04, 2008


is my bday today!!!haha!!!my babes wished me, one of them called me just to sing birthday song for sweet!~ just can't believe it im 20 now...wawawa~ is good to being teenage for the early year and twenties after that ('=

my dearest mum came all the way from seremban (to meet the boss, she is from melaka) to my place just to pass me an angpou and settle my fee for next touched me a lot!!!and i got her a bag which show that even i was 20,if without her i will not be
here.THANK YOU MA!Love you so much!

:..for you -- the only one..:

from my babes in the opposite house q= ,

:..the one i wanted..:

from the boy, favorite..:

:..wooden love..:

me,it got myself a pair of sandals...

that is what i like to get myself =B



Scarecrow said...

happy birthday haha

shirlyn said...

hehe~thanks alot ya!