Thursday, June 05, 2008

my birthday outing

June 4th is my birthday...i like the month and day.cause i'm a gemini and summer babe~ haha!
branch,we took pork-rib mee in ss21 which is the branch outlet of melaka's taiwan mee~ definitely larh...they are brothers. then we go OU for movie~ this is the 3rd times for me going to OU...monday went to for shopping,tuesday went to change the wrong size cloth,wednesday went again...i think we went there more than we back to melaka...haha!

we jalan-jalan to wait for aaron,since he said he could meet us after work.then we got our ticket at 7o'clock.after that,we went parkson and take a look on the bed sheet.while passed the toy section,i saw this!!!is great that it match the day!hehe.
barbie birthday collection

barbie was my childhood playmate.i had 2 of them,but not that well dressed.*shy*i think my barbie now already given by my mum to some charity association.cause only have 1 brother and i don't think he will play with this,barbie is consider as an icon in the world!she is famous enough huh~

after dreaming with the super icon,we went old town cafe for for almost 3 hours without a sip of water will cause dying!!!~then we continue our jalan-jalan journey.this is the cutest thing ever i see!
wet suit with inflated air for baby~ cute-sing!!!at first i though i was for dog!so funny...

after the longest jalan-jalan form OU new wing to old wing then back to new wing,at last!!!is time for movie!yeah~yeah~yeah~ but one thing sad was aaron can't make it.cause the rumous of the oil price increase.he going to fill up the tank and got stuck in the traffic jam...
the memory ='(

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