Monday, June 09, 2008


today is my first day to so exhausted ~.~ luckily they are the ex-worker that i had been worked with...we talked a lot~ sure larh salesgirl need to talk right...

<<< these are the track made by the lego cubes. there are so~ colourful! hehe!

this picture i took at 5 p.m. while i was having my break.

actually this track was build started last week.they had gather lots of different people to complete it.they have family,siblings,friends etc.

<<< while this was taken while closing.the lego's worker steped those big cubes into small pieces...
there was a though blink into my mind when i looking at the scene.

"we took time to build the trail,but we just take a second to destroy it"

so,train our personality well and don't get bad influence by outer facts...

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