Monday, June 09, 2008

end of enjoyment T.T

chatting with 'zues' shamus before meeting up with jon...
after sending jamus & jess to the station,we met up jon and do some shopping~
reaching carrefour,jon asked us to wait him at the main entrance.
cause his car is so~ low while someone still not yet digest yesterday buffet
and taken 1 and a half bowl of chicken rice this noon~
guess what!i took something along while i went out the car...

the ogie cushion from jon's car~ *wawa*
i was so shy and they though i love the cushion so much...haha

toilet break while shopping for groceries

the whole week of outing was the activities before i caught in my part-time job~*sob*
well,i had a great time this week.i don't think i'll complain about no time for enjoyment :)

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