Tuesday, August 26, 2008

freak out! - part II

another day to settling my stuff~
today is better!
go in and out the bank~haha
i found elmo (i love him!!!) in this bank!

the alliance bank,
they still provided children playfloor for kids...
it's so sweet~

by the way,i bet it all from ikea!*i'm the supporter!* XD

done all my banking stuff~
cheer to my mom!thank you,ma!love you so much~

p/s:i don't dare to take her picture,scare she chuck me out the car XP

then,is my cousin!
she visited me with her lovely dog,lucy!

she's so huge!like a stuffed toy!

she and my cousin...
lucy looks fatter then my cousin!
santi!you need to gaint weight!
lucy is catchinh up!*wahaha*

here goes lucy's props...

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