Monday, August 25, 2008

freaks out!!!

i woke up 7a.m.,went out after half and hour later...

i had my breakfast on the road~

muffin on hand,tea in bag :D

Then,a 2 hours travel back home~

before reaching the station,my phone keep ringing...
just a corner,my mom can call my up to 5 times! *that's a new ginusse world record!XD*

after i came down from bus,my whole day was in the immigration center~
hmmm... ... ...hour and hour flies like water...

the moody face after lunch while heading back the 'efficient' center...


my cheecky face beside my dad tired one...haha!
but,i did bought him kuih to eat :) kari puff~ hehe

my 10p.m. plus
while my parents went out dating and pack for me
i'm so alone~ with my fish balls...haha!

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