Wednesday, September 17, 2008

me...immune :) by caffeine

Hmmm... almost everyday i take coffee. but i'm still not than insane until 5 cups a day! my babe took coffee to often. a cup a day,at least. 5 cups was her record now... she drank it like plain water... superb insane! caffeine-maniac. until one day she took coffee and stayed up for 2days. tired-less. that is really scary babe... i'm afraid that she'll die, if the world is out of coffee beans. hahaha!

Luckily i'm not that extreme. i'll still take other beverages,depends on mood :) but,recently i hooked up with coffee... i need a cup at least for 2days... hmmm... wonder why this happen. it is another slump?? nah! just an illusion =p

Yesterday, i had cappuccino white coffee with the fish fillet mayo egg sandwich...

.the raw one.

.the delicious and lovely one.

Today, is a warm one...

brazilian roasted coffee with chicken porridge.

.the outcome.

Those are my hooked up moment with caffeine. *cheers!

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