Wednesday, October 08, 2008

buffet lunch! *BURP~!!!

Wuh! class finished early today (not even 10.30 a.m.!). so, planned to have some 'quality' time with summer... but, siok ping, one of my course mate which is HYPER-active everyday~
She can talk non-stop... and any topics!!! that is SCARY!!!yet friendly =p

Hmmm... here goes our plan-less trip. go straight to one utama, window shopping while getting to the buffet place.
introducing: siok peng, one of the course mate :) After taken some picture, summer don't even give a damn on those... all in her mind was FOOD!!! let the assistant do the work. haha!

After the filling lunch, dessert time~

summer's peach sundae
her enjoying face...
gosh!she is really enjoying XD

That is my multi-flavour ice-cream and siok peng's ais kacang
second bowl... yam and vanilla~ without any chocolate cause i've had over dose in pass 1 month :D

And here is the beauty of the day... ... .. .... ... ...

Ms. summer liew siew mei

Lastly, the most WANTED!!!


the vacuum cleaner XD

*heart you babe! ^^


Guardian AnGeL said...

babi kau orang....!!!!

.:shirlyn:. said...

is halal here...please respect. *hahahahahahah!!!