Wednesday, October 29, 2008

.dash dust-off day.
Huu~ That is really a tiring day! clean up the room is not an easy work... cleaning up the ceiling fan is kinda hard mann. i was never though of it until i gonna do it myself... *swt*

Yea, normally my roomie was the one who do it for me. although not all the time, but most of the time :) but now, it's all depend on my own mann... what the hell! cause i own the room now, no blaming please *yawn*

Ok, done my first part. Second part is the TOILET!!! owh! that is really a hard work... the wall and the floor! hmmm... all those things are as easy as snapping my finger tip! haha! but it really makes me exhausted~

Alright, now everything is done. yet still kinda lots of stuff to clear =p for me, that's it for today... can't go any further for me... time to lay back with my teh O ais... fan hap and serial drama ;D
Argh!!! sore eye! wtf!!! next cleaning session is gonna set on weekends...

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