Tuesday, October 28, 2008


hehe... just feel good to be at home :)
is been awhile never get to see papa & mama...
i think i'm more into the coffee and biscuits at home! with the remote control~ haha!

First supper...
my Curry WAN TAN MEE! soup~

:Day 2:

mummy's stimboat lunch

and my all time favorite :D

At the night, I got 5 yamcha session!
Great! got my first ever record! *bravo me :p

I had
1. ABC behind Lim Tian Puan's restaurant
2. kopi ais at amo te
3. honeydew bubble milk tea in Wing's cafe
4. some drinking in pure... and bumped into shamus,jon,jamus,gaijin,marianne! - recognize her by her new pair of mng skinny :D *swt!!!
5. sharing burger special + teh O ais at Limbongan~

:Day 3:


the reason my dad pack these is bcos me and my brother fly kite him and my mom...
we did promise them go for chicken rice ball, but never get to wake up at time XP

daddy on the phone...

acting like he is busy,
yet he had resign!!! *serious and true info...
I'm really gonna work myself on it =(

Night, due to my so-called friend - VANESSA BOEY SIEW LENG! got sick and broke audrey & mine plan with her! boo~ to you van! anyway, just hope her get well soon ;) (also posted your name in your fav colour.i think.hehe)
Then, daddy ajak to jonker. family outing at last... ...

supper at home :)

:Day 4:

the day I going back to my bottle canned...

mom's homecook lunch

hmmm... my weekend just passed so fast...
still not enough with it *wawawa~~

I'll definitely miss them!!!

mummy so-called fashioned mouse. haha

and the must have - pineapple tarts, for my bioyacts

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