Sunday, January 11, 2009


ok, is been awhile without any update... all is because the stupid wireless! hate that stupid thing! bluek!!!

phuu~ lots of thing to do once get online :D feel so 'filling'... haha.

1. check mail... lots n lots of mails had burst out from my mail box!!! yawn~
2. update fb! OF CAUSE!!!
3. bathe my poke's pet... LOL.
4. leave MASSAGES!!! lots & lots of msgs!!!
5. stock up for the pet... *luckily i don't have a pet in real life.phew!*
6. reply my mails -.-
7. blah...blah~

so, this few days with all those celebrations, yamcha... and shopping! glad to have those back after a busy sems. ss-ing b!tches, summer, shingyee & me had our late lunch/early dinner in Italianies :)

salmon spegetti

classic pizza~

new york strawberry cheese cake

those are huge! but, we finished it all ;) good girl~

1 thing that i missed was the event at zouk that sponsored by topshop! =.=|||
cause we had a great mahjong night :D no regret!babes

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