Tuesday, January 13, 2009

thirteen - 13th

is 13 good or black?? hmmm... i got no specific answer. because once i woke up, i got mum's call and ask me straight come home! gosh! is really unpleasant once wake up and get such phone call... what can i do... i'm the daughter =(

before went home,got to clean up the room! noway that i leave the room and laundry for almost 3days! (included the day i'll be back there) due to problems, i was like had my last supper
and everything will just end there.what the hell!

after cleaning up the room and me as well :) it rains mann!!! before i get out the gate! = wtf! i was rushing dude! luckily my savor appear~ actually i'm the one got him save almost all the time, so i think is time for him to repay huh :o)

things went smooth for lrt to pudu until up the bus... it suddenly broke down in the middle of highway! NO!!! is just another 30min to reach MELAKA! why so hak zai!!! huh~ got to wait beside the highway... 7 cold!!! with my baggage.darn! is super heavy...
but, there was a cute malay/indon guy offer to help. too bad i refused it :( dumb me...
so, 13th is black or good...nobody know. it's all depnd on our self
logging off for some crab crackers *wee~ee*

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