Sunday, August 23, 2009

we had quite a normal daily activities these few days...with breakfast then groceries shopping.those guys are really like a housewife!they know what to get,how to differenciate and what to cook :) but they're still guys!cause they don't compare price...that's the only thing i can help :D girls hve their ability too!don't cooking doesn't mean anything right.the most important is we know how to cook instant noodle and THAT'S IT!!!

the highlight was we went building with awesome DJs yet not our type of tea =( Mr.Say just stick with his so-called desserts while banana aka mat salleh wannabe searching for chicks LOL.

sum it up we still prefer clubs back home.preved that we're truely malaysian!malaysia boleh!wtf =.= soon we touch down sure will hit the club,no matter what ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest SUMMER! xx

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