Monday, August 24, 2009

well,is the 12th day of trip.we had slowd down our step to visit around...kind af tiring to take train through and flow(cause tha's our only transpot).

they cheated the ticket machine by getting student's fare tickets.tell them is good to be a student!lots of privillages given here ;> hitting to the same place and doing the same thing make us felt bored about it,but what could we do?just wish most of the gang is here.then we'll have the biggest kitchen party ever :D

one thing here is the rice coker is untustable!it harden the rice like joke =.= but,we can't live without crab >.<>

im the normal one here yet being fair!*don't speak XD* say sauce makes me think of the chips (honey soy sauce flavour.sweet) sum up everything,I'M BORED!the whole day =(


the flowery maze,vol.I - walk away

goldilock escaped from Patrick,the snow dog with the help of the haunter Ace and prince Robinhood.they helped her to cross over the river and iceland.runaway to the hot medditeranian.with their generous help,goldilock was safed there.planted grain and is what they sell to survive.prince Robinhood still go on his old path,stealling herbs from the richman houses while haunter Ace catches fished with his spear.

on a moonless light, lord jake sparrow came to the town.take everything from the villages.what a cruel lord!luckily tinkle bell is always by the corner... ... ...

to be continue...

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