Sunday, November 29, 2009


Human will not get enough with things they have.

- Girls, wanna have those cutie stuffs. Unlimited!

- Boys, wanna have gadgets. Unlimited!

- Ladies, wanna own ALL of the hills! handbags! designer's clothes! even cosmetics! Unlimited!

-Guys, wanna have EVERY women! Unlimited! There!... Proved that human are greedy!

I am a greedy lady too. I like to have lots of shoes and tans of clothes! Who can resist it! Seriously... Even though a he-she couldn't ;) that's the reason why they decided to be woman although given the 'special-i-ty'.


One thing that I will never feel not enough is YOU. ALL OF YOU! Having you guys is really the best. With tears, laughter and joy we have... I will treasure it =) Day and night; YOU are there for me; so do I. Always ready the open arms for me; and YOU.

p/s: I'm just not in the mood to do any of the work yet morning shift is awaited me in the Sunday morning.sigh. finger-cross for me on the opening morning :)

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