Sunday, December 06, 2009

thanks to technology.

Sarah is unpredictable noisy this afternoon. Keep ringing by unpredictable caller... Auntie Winnie (the blue moon) called to survey market on college. Seriously never think she will call and join business with Auntie Corlyn. Then, mom called. Just to tell that she got me some tees and shorts when she was in Bangkok ==''' But, still wanna find out when I'll be home. Kinda heart-ache while she asked. Cause is like going to 2 months I am not visiting them.

haha. without Sarah and Carl, my life will not be so colourful =) email from dad, calls from mom, texts sent by boy, with raymond comment online... that's really catch up from an end to the others. thank to sciencetist(s) back then! cheers ;)

papes are killing me! aw... but soon will be a past!heeh

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