Sunday, April 25, 2010

School Rumble-

anime that i watched while doing assignments. An episode just takes less than 30 mins where i could break between the fight =)

This anime has funny term,
  1. Is that really embarrass while guy saw girl coming out from toilet? where Tenma found out her crash is outside the toilet and she refuse to go out yet jumped out from the window which is 2 story high...
  2. Is body weight important to female? japanese girl to be exact.they did weight before bathe!
  3. Actions that shown on the drama could influence a girl? absolutely!!! which Tenma copy the act to confess,but just so lucky no one get killed T_T'''
  4. Giving love letter is a hard mission for girls? where Tenma did it like NINJA! assassin XD
  5. Are there strategy needed for a girl to confess? Tenma used those assassin act from the drama...which (i think) is impossible...
  6. Guy with weird dressing attracted girl? which is Tenma crash! he had weird raincoat, lotus leave + tortoise shell '''>_<
  7. Will guy fall in love in the first sight? someone that have a rash on Tenma by saving her from a gangster
  8. Is yellow roses good for confess? because yellow roses mean everything is lovely for you
to be continue...


iTeenageAnorexia said...

Ugh, I hate how they have those weight scales before you go to shower or to the pool. It makes me feel fat. ): I never get on those Dx

Is it really good? o 3o

.:shirlyn:. said...

haha.just watched through the anime, never tried it before too. but i did weight if i feel necessary ;)

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