Sunday, June 08, 2008


roxy summer splash is here!!!the crow for the event is so great!gosh~that is just part of 'us' who not yet enter the park...cause we did not get goodie's bag as they said the first 1000 comer gets it.sign.we are so~ not lucky for the day~ as we slept 3,almost 4 in the morning at jon's condo.and before reaching sunway,we got stuck in a half and hour jam...we were so far yet so near to the place.haha!

yet,we enjoyed the party,and ungraded the pass to enter the theme park.after all those extreme water and dray land games also the concert, we really so~so~so~ h-u-n-g-r-y!!!for the whole day,we never really eat a meal...before the party,we have a slice wheat tuna cheese bread.while in the park,we had fried rice with chicken plus burger shared 6 peoples!that's show the brother-sister hood.actually all of them leaved all the valuables in the locker and i'm the only one with cash,but grand our stomach a wish,we went heartz-chicken buffet*all you can eat~~*.

this is the guy that shows an extremely wrong example!eaten 4 pieces of chicken one shot...padan muka babe~ luckily jamus bought eno and save you on time.hehe~

..the left over..

the day before, we went for a field trip.due to the increas of petrol,we took lrt instate of car.(cheh~like writing report larh!)*haha* we had a good weather for that.but,the lrt scene spoiled everything!(actually not so bad larh...pick time after work sure pack kan!comment sense~)

we found the little cute pinky dog in a poochini!!!these are speaker.because of the insufficient room space we never get thiese home...

then we had a tapanyaki dinner,while jon took western food at the other side.before the dished served,we had 1 contra scene...
both were waiting for food,but... ... ...
left side,we have lovely smiley couple -- jamus & jessica *clap~*
right side,we have a sour looking boy who wanted the food -- shamus jr.*whistle~*

after dinner and a drink,is time to go back before the lrt close.not to argue which way to go,jon and shamus went to the police pondok ask for direction and the shorter way back to the station...
<<< (plus this time) in my post -- Yeeying,jon's girlfriend~

favorate scene for the week --
paul frank outlet deco,pavilion

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