Friday, June 06, 2008

yehoo~!!!i've done my lab test!late revision from yesterday 2pm until 7pm.then continue after
1.24am to 3am.the results...OK! (= according to the answer that i done,i think so~so~ larh...

i got to do my revision so last minute is all because:-
1) the shopping!is sales now~everywhere!!!i'm crazy about it.nut now is time for some rest =E
2) the birthday of mine!(erm...that is not an excuse...bullsh*t) ntah~ just enjoy the day (^^,)...
3) ta~da~ the visit of J-c (J's couple) and YiYing~ *give a round of applause*
4) i just can't resist to have fun!!!

tea with J-co donut and wasabi's seaweed,dinner at pizza hut in OU!(argh~not there again =S)
the after activity --- movie~ the not so good part is we are watching horror movie >>> the orphanage.the BAD thing is the language!is in SPANISH~ at least it make us busy reading the subtitle.but it still horror!!!

by the way,i still get pressies!a pair of spidy erring form ernest which has a girlfriend name almost like mine (ShaeLyn) and a is her birthday!HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALYANA!*muax* another one from my dearest brother and sister,Jamus & Jessica!the most lovely couple ever i see (;

thank you so much for the gift...they are so lovely and pretty~ goes my freely day~~

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