Friday, August 28, 2009

Last night was good!musics,food,pool,broze...everything was great!and the luck was spinning toward us too.
today,luck still spinning around us!by giving a weekly green train travelpass and a lady :D we were in the wonderland,chat thai for dinner.wonderful crusine,cozy enviroment and beautiful alice ;)
with her smile,my ''mr friend'',nanaNG heated up in the icy air...silly him.
'age will not be a problem',quote of the day.


the flowery maze,vol. II - escape
even they had settled down with goldilock,prince Robinhood and hunter Ace had a argue over helping the villages...prince Robin thinks not to interfere into others' life while Ace feel the other way!the Lord is shameless!took all of the money and forced goldilock to be his wife.
aside from that,snow bear followed the prints and found the village.his plan for now is hunt down the two heros and take goldilock away for live...they escape again...

to be countinue...

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